Dahab, Egypt

The little town of, Dahab, Egypt started life as a Bedouin fishing village, it became a favourite spot for travellers to relax while touring the Middle East and has now developed into a unique holiday destination with plenty of bohemian charm. The spirit of Bedouin hospitality lives on in the laid back beach cafes where you can happily spend all day sipping fresh juice between dips into the coral sea.

One hour from Sharm el Sheikh (yet a world away in atmosphere), Dahab, Egypt sits nestled between the Sinai mountains and the crystal blue waters of the Gulf of Aquaba. Home to a diverse community of Bedouin, Egyptian and Expat residents, it is a fascinating destination, combining local culture with the convenience of international restaurants, relaxing cafes and world class watersports on your doorstep. The coral reef is accessible to everyone, located a couple of fin kicks from your beachside sun lounger and there is always a great photo op on offer, whether it’s a camel being bathed in the sea or a stunning sunset as the sun drops below the mountains.

Dahab, Egypt is surrounded by great natural wonders, the stark, majestic beauty of the Sinai mountains contrasts with the teeming, colourful world of the coral reef fringing the shoreline. In this place of contrasts there is a holiday experience to suit all tastes, you can chose between international restaurants or Egyptian street food, trek into the desert on Camels or a modern 4 wheel drive, pack your holiday with thrills and adrenaline above and below the water or explore your inner self with a yoga or meditation course. Of course you can also do what Dahabians do best – simply relax and unwind in the year round sunshine.